Welcome to the Top Greyhound Bloodlines Worldwide

World Wide Greyhounds welcomes Greyhound owners from around the World!
We are a business that IMPORT & EXPORT of frozen greyhound semen and have been in operation for a few years now. World Wide Greyhounds has started from the need to support the ''small time'' owner / trainer who feels that their dog could become a top stud dog, but can not get started due to the competitive sire market and ''big time'' kennels.

We aim to acquire the BEST BLOODLINES from abroad that have the potential to become WORLD CLASS SIRES.

We offer the FULL SERVICE from importing the FROZEN SEMEN to storing it at our facility here in Victoria / AUSTRALIA ready for you to ship to your vet when your bitch is in season. All international paperwork will be completed by us.

Frozen greyhound semen has allowed small gene pools to be expanded and we are now able to provide you with the EXPERTISE and facilities needed to import or export semen WORLDWIDE.
This is the newest business of owners Kevin Wright
I have been involved in the greyhound industry for over 30 years in the capacity as owners, breeders and trainers.

I started handling dogs very young and have kept my hands in after all these years. I have always kept the team compact as to allow me to be more hand on with our dogs which I feel has given them the longevity of racing. All of my dogs that do not make the grade have been placed in the Greyhound Adoption Program and the older ones that have been retired live the rest of their lives on the couch with us.

For the past ten years, I have owned and operated dog boarding kennels in Harston / Victoria dealing with people on all levels on a daly basis.

Only by listening to our customers is World Wide Greyhounds able to ensure that our service meets their needs and expectations. Our team is able to GUARANTEE that each of our SERVICES are tailored to the client's own individual requirements.

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